Elastico 1

February 2023

Designed for SpicebySilva, this belt combines the utilitarian nature of bungee cords, used by motorcyclists in the streets of Sao Paulo with the growing Brazilian streetwear scene.

Duration: 3 months

Tools: Shapr3D

visual reference:
sao paulo, sp, brazil

Photographed by Gabriel de Oliveira

"Is there something that you know or particularly like about Brazilian fashion?

I think it's the excitement and passion. I met young designers who were passionate about fashion, their creativity, and craftsmanship. Actually, I ended up wearing a belt from a local designer throughout the trip because I forgot to bring one, and now it's my favorite belt!"

Heron Preston for Vogue Brasil.
Photographed by Pedro Pradella

Machined and assembled in Brazil.
sourced from brazil and china.