Form-driven Design

March - april 2022

In this Sophomore year, aesthetics-driven project, I designed 3 different cases for glasses based on an ancient musical instrument, a knife, and a bobcat's skull respectively.


During the ideation sketching pahse, the main ideas were drawn out and selected to be further developed from 2D to 3D. The next phase was 3D prototyping.


Understanding dimensions and handling was an essential part of the process, and the best way to find that out was to make quick models. The early-stage modelmaking also influenced in some final design decisions. Throughout the process, the models were discussed by peers and my professor, and I headed in new and improved directions towards my final designs.

Final Models

Despite their different shapes, all models speak the same language, one of inconspicuousness and simplicity. I arranged the object in different way to display them in a composition that gives viewers a sense of scale and formal identity.